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Ice Cream Activism

Those who know me, know I love people, travel and food.  One of my favorite foods is ice cream.  My favorite ice cream is Ben and Jerry's because even before it was a "thing" they have always spoken truth to power.  Here is a walk through American history through the eyes of enslaved people and the impact on their descendants.  


What We Believe:  From Slavery to Mass Incarceration




Slavery Made America


What it Means to Celebrate Juneteenth


Jim Crow Laws


Interactive Map of Redlining in America


How the U.S. Government Segregated America


SubPrime Housing Lending Impact on Black Americans


Prison Labor and the 13th Amendment


Angola: A Short History


Black Codes


Why Blacks Have Struggled for Decades to Gain Wealth


Prison Policy: Mass Incarceration


A History in Support of Reparations

Transforming the Criminal Justice System


7 Ways We Know Systemic Racism is Real


Netflix:  "13th" the Movie


Racism Has Cost the U.S. Economy $16 Trillion

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Courageous Reads and Outreach

 Recommended Books and Articles


White Awake 

Daniel Hill

Reparations Are Past Due

Jeremiah Chapman and Tom Steyer


NYTs Special Report

Nikole Hannah-Jones


Jennifer Eberhart

Forgive Us 

Lisa Sharon Harper


The Time is Now 

Stacy Abrams

How to Be an Antiracist 

Dr. Ibram Kendi

Courageous Reflections

Our Courage in History - Inauguration 2021


Our Courage In History - Inauguration 2021

Faith, Monuments and Black Lives Matte


     Courageous Conversation Podcast                                              

In The Matter of Black Lives

           Rev. Dr. Jaqueline Lewis            

"Speaking Truth to Power - Faith in Action"

2021 Presidential Inauguration Poem by the 1st Youth National Poet Laureate:

Amanda Gorman             

Courageous Pledge

Take the Courageous Pledge!

✓I Seek Equity NOT Revenge

✓ I Will No Longer Participate in My Own Dehumanization 

✓I Will Not Expose Myself to the Repetitive Trauma of Civil War Relics and Mindsets

✓I Will Call Others Into Accountability for Their Silence

"Silence is Compliance and Willful Acceptance"

✓I Will Call Out Those in My Community Who Behave in a Manner that Does Not Demonstrate Humane Behavior

✓ I Will Address Dehumanizing Questions Directly

✓I Will Practice Empathy & Activism

✓I Will Do My Part 

Every day I will educate myself in the specific area of racial reconciliation and renewal.

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