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Courageous Conversationalist© is racial reconciliation coaching based on accountability. This coaching experience will focus on honesty, justice, mercy, and humility. This learning opportunity encourages individuals to initiate, facilitate and engage others in difficult conversations. Upon completion of the designated coaching sessions, you will possess the skillset for use in your unique environment to enhance accountability while improving your Racial Reconciliation IQ (RRIQ).

Alumni of the Courageous Conversationalist© coaching may participate in an annual retreat in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. 

A Courageous Conversationalist© must complete at least six coaching sessions for proficiency in communicating difficult matters.

1. Would you like to improve upon your skill set in leading and/or facilitating difficult conversations?
2. Do you enjoy conducting team or peer coaching?
3. Are you an ally or faith-focused community leader who might benefit from these skills?

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Courageous Coaching & Conversations workshops offer you the unique learning opportunity of the lived experiences and theoretical expertise of Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC). Each session is up to 60
minutes and is offered to individuals, non-profit, faith-focused, private, and public sector organizations.


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✓ Courageous Conversationalist© Coaching Ally C.O.R.E. Model

This coaching opportunity asks the participant(s) to consider the components of a

model they can replicate in becoming an effective ally. The C.O.R.E. model will

challenge, engage, educate and enlighten those bold enough to take the journey.

✓Courageous Conversations: Listen & Learn Together - Team Coaching

The third coaching experience may be selected from any of the following opportunities. If you consider

yourself an ally and have a desire to learn new ways of navigating the history, challenges, and

impact of systemic racism on Black, Indigenous People Of Color (BIPOC) communities in America.

This experience comprises two of the three coaching opportunities necessary to acquire a

Courageous Conversationalist© designation.


✓ I Am Courageous - Individual Coaching

1) What Scares Me?
2) What Can I Do About It?
3) Who Can Help?
These sessions are designed to coach you on your individual journey.

Your coach will challenge you to identify and activate the courageous life

and career steps that can lead to your success.

✓What Does My Faith Require: Race & Justice

Key Focus: Learning to Listen More Than You Speak!

These sessions are designed for individuals, faith leaders, congregations and

community who struggle with identifying, initiating, and implementing

race-based discussions that can move the participants to a place of lamenting,

repentance, healing, sharing and reconciliation.

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A Courageous Conversationalist© must complete at least six 1-hour coaching sessions

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Be recognized as a Courageous Conversationalist Coach !


In order to be recognized as a Courageous Conversationalist Coach©, one must complete a three-session course that includes the C.O.R.E. Ally model and two additional Courageous Foundation trainings.

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C.O.R.E. Ally Model

What is the C.O.R.E. Ally Model?


 C.O.R.E. Building Blocks

C hallenge - Identify what challenges you, your team, your organization

O pportunity - Determine where space exist to grow and  learn


R econciliation - Review and reconcile facts that create intentional improvement


E ngagement - Connect to learn, grow, improve and serve

Courageous Conversations Ally Education Support Services is based on the C.O.R.E. Ally Model.


The C.O.R.E. Ally model provides opportunities for persons who want to better understand and discuss racial inequality. The C.O.R.E interactive model is designed to help communities that are experiencing intolerance to develop creative solution blueprints that focus in the following areas:

Business.  There are many organizations that face challenges where no communication or the wrong communication can impact morale and success.  Courageous Coaching Conversations© C.O.R.E. model can help you resolve these challenges.


Faith.  Courageous Coaching Conversations© C.O.R.E. model believes in replicating the “Beloved Community.”  We believe that faith can fuel deeper conversations, improve knowledge, provide hope.


Intersection.  There is a need for a new type of consultant.  One that can move from the C-suite to a community room of young and minority individuals, to places of worship.  In this new normal, coaching, training, guidance, and support are needed to navigate a successful growth journey. Courageous Coaching & Conversations is that support.