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About Cynthia Butler, CEO

Trainer. Facilitator. Activist.  Cynthia Butler brings over 35 years of Federal, community and faith-based activism and training experience to her current role of entrepreneur, senior consultant, human capital strategist, lead trainer, and facilitator.

Federal Agency Expertise. Ms. Butler’s expertise covers the expanse of Federal leadership, employee development, strategic planning, job analysis, employee engagement, alternative dispute resolution and accountability.  As former Special Assistant to the Chair, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and  senior staffer and director in four Cabinet level Federal agencies that include the Departments of the Navy, Justice, Homeland Security and Education, Ms. Butler conducts policy assessments, executive facilitation, professional coaching, and development for senior executives, managers and staff.  

Commitment to Accountable Equity to Drive Courageous Conversations.  Skills rooted in her consultative and executive coaching models work to guide corporate and faith-based leaders, managers and first line supervisors.  As a certified Crucial Conversations Master facilitator, Ms. Butler conducts nationwide conflict resolution sessions to forge greater understanding of the impacts of prejudice, unconscious bias, micro aggression and conflict on minority and non-minority communities.  


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Theory That Supports Community.  Ms. Butler’s Masters’ degree in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) equips her with the expertise to create unconventional reconciliation and coaching models that are community focused. These models help communities to identify the challenges they face, address difficult conversations and create unique solutions. 

Ally Education Services That Lead the Way.  The C.O.R.E. Ally Education model, created by Ms. Butler, is designed to help communities that are experiencing increased episodes of racial profiling, inequality and intolerance.  The  C.O.R.E Ally model can help your team identify opportunities to mitigate and manage communication challenges like verbal conflicts, microaggressions, and racial bias.   

Ms. Butler’s  life’s mission remains focused on the education, regeneration, and improvement of lives. 


Courageous Conversations 

Courageous Coaching & Conversations is committed to helping organizations to navigate the intersections of business, faith, and community.  Our expertise encompasses trainers, facilitators and activists who bring community sensitivities, alternative models, policy expertise and proven skills as strategists to every engagement.


Courageous Coaching & Conversations offers service and support opportunities. We will teach you how to define and manage unconscious biases, explore facets of racial reconciliation and identify the challenges that you, your team or organization face as it relates to race relations.  We aim to help you better understand racial matters, conduct difficult conversations that have impact and ultimately accomplish reconciliation through conversations, workshops, and coaching.   


Do You Need Skilled Experts to Navigate the Current Challenges?

Courageous Coaching & Conversations is uniquely qualified to help you and your organization address faith, communication, cultural and racial bias issues. The team is comprised of Federal, State, and local government and private sector experts. The human resource, human capital strategy, mediation, training, and faith expertise spans more than three decades.


Can Your Organization Benefit from Leadership Development, Racial Reconciliation, and Coaching Expertise?

Courageous Coaching & Conversations brings certified conflict resolution and mediation experts to you.  Individual coaching services can help leaders and employees navigate the impact of miscommunication, conflict, and unconscious bias influence on the organization.


Would Having an Internal Expert Available to Leaders and Staff Be Valuable?

Courageous Conversations expertise is available for individuals and groups.  

These “Learn & Improve” packages can be a combination of coaching and conflict resolution supports. Agencies and organizations can bundle purchase these services for team or individual use throughout the calendar year.